Making Sure You Have Everything For New Baby: To-Do List

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  • Published: Friday, 24 August 2018 22:26
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Towards the third trimester of your pregnancy, you need to start Making Sure You Have Everything For New Baby. When the baby comes, there isn't going to be time or energy to care about logistical stuff so getting as prepared before the baby arrives is a good idea and is greatly encouraged. Below is a list of things you can do to make sure you are prepared before the baby arrives.

Birth Announcement

Many people don’t think of this but it is a good idea to have a plan of how you’re going to announce that the baby has arrived. With the age of social media, many people usually just post on their social media pages but this does not cover all the sufficient announcement needed. If you have friends and family living far away like grandparents you and your partner should plan how to tell everyone. Maybe create a WhatsApp group and just test “Baby is here”. Easier for everyone really. If you want to go the more traditional way of sending out physical birth announcements, you need to gather the addresses before the baby arrives. Make a word document or spreadsheet of all the people you want to send the announcement to. Prep everything down so when the baby arrives all you have to do is just drop them off at the post office or even organize to have it picked up by the postal service.

Waterproof Bed Pad

Once your expected day of delivery starts to get closer, it is advisable to get a waterproof bed pad in case your water breaks at night. It saves you the stress of worrying that your water will break when you are asleep and ruin your bed and you need to worry less when you are pregnant. If you don’t have a waterproof bed pad and your water breaks and ruins your mattress it’s going to be one more thing you have to worry about when you come home from the hospital. You will be tired and overwhelmed and the least you can do is have your bed there whenever you need to rest or take a nap.

Pack a Hospital Bag

Pack your hospital bag at least one or two months before your due date and update it as you buy more baby supplies. You will spend one or two nights in the hospital so you need to pack all the supplies you will need and then there’s the new human. You need to pack the baby supplies you will need for your newborn. This is an important step in making Sure You Have Everything For New Baby. If you are not sure what to pack, check out the hospital bag checklist for expectant moms.

Clean Your Home

If you can, don’t just clean your home but deep clean your entire house. New babies are fragile and have newly formed immune systems that are trying to adopt to the outside world. Do your best to make sure your house is clean and ready to receive a fragile and tiny new human being. If you can, get a cleaning service to deep clean the house or at least deep clean the carpets in your house to get rid of dust and dirt.

Choose a Pediatrician

You don’t want to wait till the baby arrives and you need to go to the doctor before you choose a pediatrician for your baby. Do your research beforehand and choose a pediatrician that has good reviews and is easily accessible from your house. It is a lot easier to do this before the baby arrives. You can even schedule visits to the pediatrician for the baby towards your due date so when the baby arrives, everything is pretty much automated. It also helps to meet the pediatrician before the baby arrives so get a sense of what the medical facility is like and how they behave towards their patients and kids. It also helps to know their policies beforehand and figure out details like insurance and vaccination ahead of time. When you check the insurance compatibility with your pediatrician, also check to find out which services your insurance covers. If you don’t ask you might miss out on some advantages. For example, some insurance companies cover the purchase of breast-pumps for new moms.

Pre-wash The Baby Clothes

Many new moms (and even second time moms) don’t know this but it strongly advised to wash new baby clothes before using them. New clothes come with chemicals and other deodorants used on new clothes that might be harsh on your newborn baby’s sensitive skin. It is better to wash all the new baby clothes you get before-hand and have them well folded and arranged before the baby comes. Make sure you pick the right baby detergent to use. It should be mild and contain little chemicals .

Get a Car Seat/Stroller

If you live in a city where driving is your major means of transportation, then you need to get a car seat. Get a car seat and have it installed or practice how to install ut. You will need t when you are driving back from the hospital. The last thing you want to do after the baby arrives is try to read car seat manuals and try to install them. Those things can be a pain to figure out so get it done and out of the way as soon as possible.